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Jul 3, 2011 11:00pm PDT
sense somebody that is happy with what they're doing. that's a big thing in life. to be totally absorbed with what you're doing and to be good at it and he was very good. >> i can't say you were the murderer, i said if you were the murderer. listen, it could have been a perfect murder. >> reporter: you talked very lovingly about colombo but does it take a big toll on your personal life? >> yeah, i think probably yeah. i think that i pay for that, in terms of the two kids, in terps terms of the first marriage. they were 12 hour days, 16 hour weekends. and we only did it eight years. but it does take a long time. >> reporter: peter started in tv, and was soon approached by columbia studios. but he ran into trouble with studio head cone who said he was concerned about what he called faulk's deficiency. >> i honestly did not know what he meant. so proficiency? finally he said, i'm concerned about your eye. and i told him flat out, there's no problem here. and the guy recommended me. he didn't notice it, he told me there's a difference between television and movies. there's a small screen and
Jul 10, 2011 11:00pm PDT
. >> it does look big on tv. that's a deception that's created by the cameras. actually they have a very limited amount of room. >> reporter: inside atlantis reporter dressed in a clean room suit barely has time to stand up straight. everywhere inside you see patches of velcro to keep things put. astronauts are often reminded about leaving things behind. some engineers say a staple left floating was inhaled by an astronaut almost forcing an emergency landing, nasa denies that story. >> it's a very unique toilet. it has started out some manholes and that kind of thing to keep you into place so you don't go floating about. there's a vacuum, when you go it's a vacuum. it's sucked right down there through a one way valve. >> reporter: overflow dumps into space through this port. once a chunk of well yellow ice broke off and actually damaged the shuttle exterior. in this hall, those fragile heat shield tiles made of puffed glass up to 5 inches thick are simply blued on. 25,000 handmade black tiles must fit precisely to with stand a 17,100-mile an hour reentry. out the window you can see the b
Jul 17, 2011 11:00pm PDT
dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i'veost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. >>> when authorities found jaycee dugard and they discovered the man that kidnapped her, they began to wonder if he was implicated in other disappearances. garrido and his wife were living with his mother in antioch. investigators began an intensive search of garrido's property looking for clues to other crimes he might have committed. >> reporter: crime scene technologies swarmed the garrido home this morning bringing with them crates of specialized equipment and several search teams. this new search is aimed at finding evidence in two other cases. the 1988 kidnapping of 9-year- old mccayla garrett and 13-year- old ilene mitchell. >> our aim is to very thoroug
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3